A New Way To Get Your Juice!

When we sold the Smyrna store to Magical Vapors, we agreed that Chris would help in the business transition for a period of three months. That period has expired and Chris has now decided to devote more time to his juice making and distribution business. While Chris will continue to supply the Magical Vapor shops with his LHV juice, Chris will also be looking to supply other stores in the area, as well as selling through his web site, Littlehousevapes.com.

By going to Littlehousevapes.com, you can order all of your LHV juices and either have Chris deliver them to you directly ( within 15 miles of the Smyrna Walmart) or through the mail. LHV will pick up the shiping expenses, so your cost will be similar to what you pay today.

We thank you for your loyalty and trust that you will find this arrangement to your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact Chris directly for comments and suggestions to Littlehousevapes@gmail.com. Tel number. 615-894-5638

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