About our Mixologist

Chris became a cigarette smoker at an early age. It was cool! He became a tobacco chewing enthusiast too. It was cool! Of course it was bad for him. He didn’t care. He reeked of tobacco. He didn’t care. His car windows always had a film on them. He didn’t care. His family doctor and non-smoking parents told him of the dangers of smoking and dipping. He didn’t care.

It was around the summer of 2007 when Chris first read an article about this relatively new product called the “electronic cigarette”. It intrigued him enough to give it a try. “Wow, this is cool”, he thought and he experimented with different devices and different “Juices”. He soon discovered that he wasn’t smoking or chewing tobacco as much. His persistent cough went away, his clothes and car smelled better and he suddenly realized that he did care. He quit smoking and dipping altogether in the the fall of 2007.

At that time, e-cig technology was still in its early stages and Chris started to experiment with both juice making and mod builds. His friends and he also discovered that Chris had a knack for juice making. Someone would ask him to make a “Juicy Fruit” gum flavor and, after a little trial and error, he was able to do it, somewhat. Well, it was early days and he had not yet perfected his art. His foray into the hardware end of it was an unmitigated disaster! It was after Chris almost blew up his dad’s garage that his dad and Chris decided he had better stick to just making juices. As he got better at juice making, it became a passion for him, and he started making better and more complex flavor profiles for his own and his friends’ personal consumption . It was not until the fall of 2012 that Chris decided to turn that passion into something that might enable him to make a living and “Little House Vapes” was born, literally, out of the little house adjacent to the main house on his parents, orchard farm.

Chris started selling “Little House Vapes” juices to local brick and mortar locations as well as in flea markets. He opened his first store in March 2014, in the town of Smyrna, Tennessee, a little south of Nashville. 

In June of 2017, Chris formed an alliance with Magical Vapors, where Chris now supplies all of the Magical Vapor stores with LHV branded e-juice. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this little story. We also hope that you come and visit us soon. We’re sure that you will discover that at “Little House Vapes” we really do care, and you’ll discover why our motto; “My Juice is Better Than Yours” is not just a boast.

Chris Lecompte is the Owner / Mixologist of Little House Vapes, LLC.

About our Liquids

We currently have over 100 flavors to choose from. Go to our Product pages where you can view each selection in detail. We are a full custom shop, so every flavor is developed in house. All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA from reputable quality-control minded vendors. Each vendor is carefully selected in order to provide us with the right mix of “organic” and non-organic premium ingredients. While the vast percentage of our juices is heavily weighed on the “organic” side and many of our juices are indeed 100 % organic, we do not market any of our products as such. Our goal is to source the best quality and best tasting ingredients without limiting ourselves to whether it can truly be labeled as 100% organic. Our customers understand that we neither source nor sell junk and they have told us that they would prefer that we bring the best tasting juice to the market without regard to the “marketing” hype surrounding organic vs non-organic.