About our Quality E-Juice Making Processes

At Little House Vapes, we take pride in being at the forefront of quality e-juice making and our processes have certainly progressed from the early days, where we made liquids for our own consumption in the kitchen of our little house on the farm. Our clean room environment and best in class juice making practices allow us to stand apart from the competition.

The following is a brief but concise overview of our quality e-juice making process.

  • Raw Material Sourcing
    • All of our ingredients are 100 % sourced from the most reputable vendors in the USA
    • Our Nicotine is sourced and exact content certified from one of the major nicotine producing labs in the country. 
    • Our PG and VG are certified to be 100 % pure from our vendors. ( Many vendors out there are not 100% pure!!!)
    • Our flavorings, both natural and artificial are sourced from reputable companies who specialize in e-liquid manufacturing.
    • No corners cut here. Best Ingredients + Best Processes = Best Vaping.
  • Our Bottles
    • All of our liquids have lot numbers affixed to the bottles. While we have not had an issue here, this allows us to better isolate our production runs should there ever be a known product defect brought to our attention.
    • All of our bottles have child proof caps.
    • Our product labeling follows industry best practices, e.g warnings, adult use etc.
  • Clean Room Facilities
    • All of our current production is made in an ISO 7 type clean room.
    • The air quality of our clean room is continuously monitored as to the size and levels of particulate as per ISO 7 protocols.
  • Our Quality E-Liquid Manufacturing Process
    • Our lab technicians follow and adhere to the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA)  guidelines.
  • What does this mean for our customers?
    • Best Ingredients + Best Processes = Best Vaping
    • Little House Vapes where ” My Juice is Better than Yours”


               Our Smyrna Facility

       Shop / Lounge / Cleanroom Lab 

Smyrna Shop


        One of Our Premium Juice Labels 

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                 Our Elite Series Labels

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